How to keep going when the world is against you? (1 min read)

How on earth can one keep going after being kicked down constantly?

They have a goal bigger than themselves they have this dream they would die for. But sometimes it’s a lot easier said than done.

I’ve back tracked in my life so many times and again I’m very young so this is the perfect time for mistakes. But there was time in my life where I just wanted to completely give up and not keep going forward and I had to deal with this in my head for quite some time.

I realized that I want to be very successful and no one is going to bring success to me that I am the only one who has to make that decision for myself that I can do all things.


If you want all positives things in your life to happen you have to think positive. It’s simple, failure attracts failure; success attracts success. So if you saying your going to have a bad day chances are you will have a bad day. But if you say I will have an amazing day and take every opportunity that comes my way. I promise you, you will have a great day. You’re attitude will dictate if you have what it takes to get back up.



You need to be taking action towards whatever it is that is bringing you down. It could be financially, emotionally, or mentally. But I promise you as long as you work and believe you can overcome that situation you will overcome it. The mind is such a very powerful place and I believe gives us energy to accomplish difficult situations life gives us.

Example: I was financially unstable for quite some time and all I desired was just to have enough money to pay my bills. My attitude was very poor at the time. Same with my mindset as well. Suddenly one day my attitude completely changed for the better. I started calling around to places I applied to and boom

landed an interview two phone calls later. I believed I could become financially stable again and look it happened.

Always believe in yourselves people!

Thank you for reading today’s blog!

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Tired of having bad mornings? Try these methods (2 min read)

Aren’t you tired of having terrible mornings everyday?

You ever feel you only get a couple of good days each month?

Well I know I’m sick and tired of having bad mornings. So I started testing out how I can improve my mornings and I have 5 tips and tricks so you can improve your morning!

5 Tips and Tricks

  1. Get a good nights rest before awakening. Going to bed at a decent hour has helped me wake up every morning at 5am.
  2. When you are out of bed throw cold water directly on your face. Sounds crazy right? But you are completely alarmed and awaken after you do this.
  3. Break down what’s ahead of your day. Knock out all your goals for day early so you may have time to do other equally important things like spending quality time with your family.
  4. You cant have a good morning if you wont say you will! You need to look yourself in the mirror and say HEY! Im about to have the best day and an amazing morning and nothing will stop me.
  5. Do not lose the day. What do I mean? I mean do not let someone or anything stop you from having a good morning. If you even get irritated by someones doing to you. You lose but you can always go

    again! Just remember to manifest your day!



What is your morning routine? Comment down below I would love to hear back from you guys



19 and setting up my first business (1 min read)

Guys I’m excited to start up my first business.

This is something I’ve always wanted to do even though I’m so young.

I’ve never had any guidance on how to really start it but I’ve done research on what to do first and every article says is just to start!

So that’s what I’m going to do. I’ve been writing my business plan all morning and financial cost on starting up. And everything is looking very smooth at the moment.

Im just taking this day by day I don’t expect to become rich over night! And I know there will be challenges and I’m ready to take them head on. “Diamonds are created with pressure.” I plan to be the best in everything I do. For all those starting up you can do this as well! Remember all you have to do is believe in yourself a little bit and take some action!

business image.jpg

Im extremely amped up for this!! My business will be a tech startup I’m going to let it be a surprise for you all to see soon enough.

But wish me luck everyone!

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Reading changed my life forever

I hated reading for so long! My school made reading seem unappealing and I just wasn’t learning anything. So I gave up for a few years on reading which wasn’t a smart move.

Novels truly used to not interest me whatsoever until around last year. I learned to appreciate them because they always teach you something at the end of the story. books.jpg

My favorite type of books are: Self Development, Motivational, Psychology, and Business and Autobiographies

These books have taught me so much within the last year. I’ve just been thinking clear about accomplishing my goals and dreams. Im only 19 and sometimes I feel like I should have my life figured out. But then again I realize I’m still extremely young.

I’ve been in search for finding a mentor but I have had no luck. My closest thing to a mentor I have is all my books. My book collection is growing each and everyday.

I have been dropping so much money on books the past month but it’s so worth it. I’ve been learning a lot of things that I would of taken months of experience to do.


The best part is when people say I’m crazy for spending tons of money on books. I simply look at them and laugh in my mind at them (Even aloud somethings haha). All I think is keep on spending money on things that rust, rot, and depreciate.

I read about 3-4 books a month. I actually read them front to cover and I’m pretty satisfied with every book I pick up. I hope you too can appreciate the value of books.

Let me know what your favorite book is in the comments below!


Attaining your dream body

Have you ever thought about attaining your perfect dream body?

If so you came to the right place!

Attaining your perfect body means extreme hard work. Nothing worth having comes easy, now with that being said. Go and start planning to attain what’s rightfully yours!

Three things you can do today to start down the right path:

The first thing I want you to do is change your mindset towards attaining your goals. This ” I cant” mindset will literally defeat you before you even start. So try saying “I can” and “I will” more often. You also have to believe you can attain a perfect body if you don’t believe in yourself who will? Well me but BELIEVE IN YOURSELF PEOPLE!!strong

The second thing I would like you to do is start writing down your fitness goals! Whether it’s just going outside walking around the block, great! That’s progress you are actually doing something active! Try and aim higher and higher the easier it gets for you!

The third thing is make sure you have a rich great diet full of fruits, veggies, and meat. It is very important to always eat don’t ever starve yourself because you would like to lose weight, that’s extremely bad for you. A little bit of cardio and healthy eating will get you to cut back on some pounds.

Thank you guys for reading my post today! Be HEARD!!


Summer Goals

Hey world, today I woke up and really thought about something.. MY SUMMER GOALS!

surfer.jpgSummer is a few weeks away and I made up a list of goals I want to accomplish. There are a couple of goals I would love to check off. One of my big goals for the summer was having my summer body. So I have been grinding all year and I’m pretty proud of myself so far, even though we have a couple weeks left of Spring.

Have you made a list for the Summer yet???

If not, what are you waiting for?

Here are a couple of my goals for this Summer:

  • Summer Body
  • Sky Diving
  • Go on more adventures
  • Make more money

Trust me my list goes on for quite some time haha! Now what I want you to do is go make your list and share some of your best ideas with me! Hope everyone has a great day!



Waking up at 5am for 21 days

Have you ever thought about waking up at 5am for a day?

I have and I have done it for 21 days! You might think I’m a little crazy, but hey you know how the old saying goes ” the early bird catches the worm.” Why 21 days? Statistics show you need around 21 days to break habits.

I used to be someone who would go to bed around 3am and wake up around 12pm I thought I was so cool. Until I realized I wasn’t being productive in my life at all. Day by sleepday doing this I started to understand my life won’t really go anywhere if I bring my productivity down.

So I thought I would test going to bed at 10pm and arising around 4:45-5 am. The first few days were very tough for me considering I had to fix my sleep schedule. After about a week of waking up at 5 am I started getting in motion.

I have a new fond morning routine that makes me even more productive than yesterday

Morning Routine

  • Throw cold water on my face
  • Read and write my goals
  • Work on business
  • Cook a healthy breakfast
  • Workout
  • Read for around 60 minutes a day

I do all of this and about time I get done it’s only 9 am. After completing your routine you have the rest of the day to go to work, relax, or even read even more! I believe we need more productive people out there.

Waking up everyday has changed my life for the better! Will you?