Waking up at 5am for 21 days

Have you ever thought about waking up at 5am for a day?

I have and I have done it for 21 days! You might think I’m a little crazy, but hey you know how the old saying goes ” the early bird catches the worm.” Why 21 days? Statistics show you need around 21 days to break habits.

I used to be someone who would go to bed around 3am and wake up around 12pm I thought I was so cool. Until I realized I wasn’t being productive in my life at all. Day by sleepday doing this I started to understand my life won’t really go anywhere if I bring my productivity down.

So I thought I would test going to bed at 10pm and arising around 4:45-5 am. The first few days were very tough for me considering I had to fix my sleep schedule. After about a week of waking up at 5 am I started getting in motion.

I have a new fond morning routine that makes me even more productive than yesterday

Morning Routine

  • Throw cold water on my face
  • Read and write my goals
  • Work on business
  • Cook a healthy breakfast
  • Workout
  • Read for around 60 minutes a day

I do all of this and about time I get done it’s only 9 am. After completing your routine you have the rest of the day to go to work, relax, or even read even more! I believe we need more productive people out there.

Waking up everyday has changed my life for the better! Will you?


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