19 and setting up my first business (1 min read)

Guys I’m excited to start up my first business.

This is something I’ve always wanted to do even though I’m so young.

I’ve never had any guidance on how to really start it but I’ve done research on what to do first and every article says is just to start!

So that’s what I’m going to do. I’ve been writing my business plan all morning and financial cost on starting up. And everything is looking very smooth at the moment.

Im just taking this day by day I don’t expect to become rich over night! And I know there will be challenges and I’m ready to take them head on. “Diamonds are created with pressure.” I plan to be the best in everything I do. For all those starting up you can do this as well! Remember all you have to do is believe in yourself a little bit and take some action!

business image.jpg

Im extremely amped up for this!! My business will be a tech startup I’m going to let it be a surprise for you all to see soon enough.

But wish me luck everyone!

And please follow me on my social media! Im going to be hosting a contest very soon!

Instagram: Daeshon777

Twitter: Daeshon777

Pinterest: Daeshon Head


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