Tired of having bad mornings? Try these methods (2 min read)

Aren’t you tired of having terrible mornings everyday?

You ever feel you only get a couple of good days each month?

Well I know I’m sick and tired of having bad mornings. So I started testing out how I can improve my mornings and I have 5 tips and tricks so you can improve your morning!

5 Tips and Tricks

  1. Get a good nights rest before awakening. Going to bed at a decent hour has helped me wake up every morning at 5am.
  2. When you are out of bed throw cold water directly on your face. Sounds crazy right? But you are completely alarmed and awaken after you do this.
  3. Break down what’s ahead of your day. Knock out all your goals for day early so you may have time to do other equally important things like spending quality time with your family.
  4. You cant have a good morning if you wont say you will! You need to look yourself in the mirror and say HEY! Im about to have the best day and an amazing morning and nothing will stop me.
  5. Do not lose the day. What do I mean? I mean do not let someone or anything stop you from having a good morning. If you even get irritated by someones doing to you. You lose but you can always go

    again! Just remember to manifest your day!



What is your morning routine? Comment down below I would love to hear back from you guys